Corporate Philosophy

UBM’s Mission

UBM Facility Services, Inc.’s (UBM) mission is to be the leader in the Facility Services Industry, meet and exceed the most demanding quality requirements of our clients, service all clients with our adopted business philosophy and provide optimum quality and maximum service to all our clients.


Business Philosophy

UBM’s business philosophy is designed with one goal in mind – Total Client Satisfaction.  Once a commitment is made to a client, UBM will fulfill that obligation and fully satisfy the client’s expectation.  In today’s quality conscious and price competitive marketplace, it is imperative to UBM’s existence and growth to seek avenues by which we can outperform our competitors.  UBM has found the factor that sets us apart from all of our competitors: our commitment to Total Client Satisfaction.


Quality Mission

Quality Assurance is paramount at UBM.  It involves not only measuring quality, but also executing quality improvement efforts throughout our entire organization.  Our commitment to excellence extends beyond delivering competitive facility maintenance services to all of our clients.  We are driven to provide continuous improvements in our service delivery systems and the way we respond and work with our clients.